79% of women experienced inappropriate comments, unwanted touching or groping ON A NIGHT OUT.

Shout-Up! trains and equips venues to communicate verbally and non-verbally (through behaviour and in-venue activity) a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment.

63% of women and 26% of men had directly experienced sexual harassment ON A NIGHT OUT.

Whilst men are not immune to unwanted sexual behaviours (Drinkaware, 2016), research indicates that when women are the perpetrators, men are less likely to describe these behaviours as ‘unpleasant’ (Christmas & Seymour, 2014).

We train and equip venue staff to support and listen to anyone who has experienced sexual harassment in their space and to effectively communicate with those people who are harassing others, whilst acknowledging that women are more likely to exprience sexual harassment than men.

Shout-Up! aims to make venues a safer place for women and men, but importantly, also aims to ensure that venues are not inadvertently providing a conducive environment for sexual harassment. 

72% of those surveyed said they have WITNESSED sexual harassment ON A NIGHT OUT.

Shout-Up! says that we are all responsible for making our bars, clubs, venues and communities safer. 

It should not be the sole responsibility of the person experiencing harassment to seek support, rather the venue should take steps to ensure that everyone is aware such behvaiour will not be tolerated.

With staff training and in-venue messages in a variety of forms, Shout-Up! will encourage inappropriate behvaiour to be called out and dealt with swiftly, safely and effectively.


Women (and to a lesser extent, men) will take a number of steps to deflect or diminish the impact of sexual harassment on a night out. This includes, reducing the amount of time spent, and drinks consumed and avoiding establishments with a ‘bad vibe or atmosphere’ (Fileborn, 2016, p. 113). Nicholls (2017, p. 267). 

Shout-Up! supports venues to ensure that they are not known for sexual harassment, which damages reputation as well as revenue and footfall.


As a woman in this industry I take this topic very seriously. I pride myself on running a business where women feel comfortable coming and having a drink on their own, or with friends, without any worry of harassment. I am in full support of this scheme and look forward to seeing it roll out across the city.
— Joanne Hodson, The Cumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne